1-1 Coaching

We maintain that practice makes progress.  At K50 Academy we tailor each of our 1 to 1 football programmes in line with the FA’s 4 corner model, technical, physical, psychological, and social perspectives supporting a balanced maturity in each area.
We work hard to understand strengths and required areas of improvement to help accelerate development in all aspects of the game.  All 1 to 1 coaching session are delivered by Coach Jim who has a extensive experience using his unique style to both plan and deliver personalised sessions.

Targeted 1 to 1 sessions provide a focused environment for the player to discuss personal challenges and provides the coach with a platform to help the player overcome and conquer.  During these sessions, we expect full commitment and drive mindset for self-improvement.

Each session is a full hour and is normally held at our location in Billericay.  We can visit you at a suitable local location of your choice if preferred but please keep in mind that additional costs may apply for pitch hire.  We will be equipped with our own portable sports flood lights if needed.

For your unique 1 to 1 programme, please contact get in touch

1 to 1 session – £40.00
2 to 1 session – £40.00
3 to 1 Session – £40.00

For larger groups, see group/team sessions section.