Our Philosophy

It’s fundamental that K50 Academy continue to create an environment to allow all players to continuously develop as a player & person:

  • Be yourself – Both coaches and players must feel comfortable in their environment with no barriers. Providing a platform to use imagination and expression with and without the ball is important for you being you.
  • Define your coaching objectives – Finding the next superstar is not our game plan. Creating a method of coaching to improve overall development including communication, teamwork, coordination and decision making, all life skills.  Installing self-belief in all players, young players are capable of many things. To ensure the technical aspect of the game is in line with age and ability.
  • Establish rules – For all players and those associated with K50 Academy to understand we have no room for bullying or discrimination of any type, respecting other players, coaches and parents in line with FA Guidelines. For players to apply manners and listen/stay quiet when coaches are talking and giving instructions. Coaches to continue to follow a strict safeguarding policy and all time.
  • Coach Development – Working with coaches to ensure we continue to deliver high quality sessions. To support coaches in building and nurturing relationships with the players/parents.  All sessions must be always engaging for all levels.
  • Have fun, Have fun, Have fun!!!!